Earth Remedy

Can you save the world from limited resources with the right choices? Repair our earth by making the best decision, hold on until the invention of infinite energy or human will undergoes total annihilation!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Unreal Engine
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Earth Remedy is a simulation game, simulating different condition and situation that may impact the earth and people on earth.

  • There will be 4 kinds of value in the game: Population, Resources, Joy and Technology. Each of the value represent the values of the earth.
  • Event will happen from time to time, and Player will have a chance to choose an action to repair the damage cost by the event. However, each decision and event will bring impact to the values.
  • Events and Choices might bring an impact at the first time it appears and continuality bring different impact at each turn.


  1. Every time a new game start, all the values should be the game.
  2. Event happen randomly on earth, values change.
  3. Choice can be made by the player after the event, each decision may change the values differently.
  4. While the technology raise to 1000 or above, player win the game. While the resources and population drop to 0 or below, player lose the game.
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