Dudu The Vampire

Life is not always easy for a Vampire's minion. You and your master, Dudu the Vampire, are being chased by an angry mob! Fortunately, you find refuge in an abandoned greenhouse. Unfortunately, being a greenhouse, the glass will let the sun in, and your master will die a horrible death. You manage to use your magic to paint the windows black and cast a field to keep the villagers away, but they manage to find a fault in your plan (apparently, glass appears to shatter pretty easily with rocks). As Dudu bravely hides in the closet, you must use your powers to repair the breaking windows until you recharge enough energy to teleport away to the safety of your lord's mansion.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
3D Software used for creating assets: - Autodesk Maya - Zbrush - Substance Painter (And some free assets from the marketplace! c;)
Installation Instructions: 

Download, Unzip, Execute GameJam2020.exe, Enjoy!


Driver and Spaghetti Monkey: Víctor (Waru) Garrido Urzúa 

Lead Spaghetti Developer: Pedro Belmonte Larredonda

Spaghetti Michelangelo: Tomás (Tom Woz) Jiménez Ruiz

The Spaghetti Vampire: Federico (Dudu) Santander Lazcano


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