LightSpeed Mender - Don't Abandon Ship

"LightSpeed Mender - Don't Abandon Ship!" is a game about a critical situation where a space ship must be fixed by two players, one inside the ship(Mender - Controller), the other one outside(POD player - Keyboard). Asteroids will hit the space ship and damage it, so the POD player must protect the ship but will also need to capture these asteroids while the other player will process and utilise the elements to fix the core cells and stabilize the core. The POD Player and the Mender will need to cooperate to protect and fix the ship. The asteroids will provide, basic elements (Red, Blue and Yellow) that will resolve che critical issues of the core, sometimes the cell will require different elements (Green, Orange and Purple) obtained by combining the main elements in the mixer. The Core must be stabilized before it explodes so that our Ship can continue on its journey!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Launch the .exe file.


Programmers: Corsi Riccardo, Innocenti Jacopo, Spaziani Dario - Game Designers: Concetti Andrea, Tomada Leopoldo, Visco Francesco - 2D Artists: Bongini Alessandro, Mugnai Alberto - 3D Artists: Barsanti Federico, Bullentini Kevin - Sound Designer: Mugnai Alberto.

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