Do it For Her

Do it For Her is a point-and-click and mini game compilation where a father fixes stuffed animals for his daughter. Wander around your house, picking up items to repair the creatures, and using mini games to fix them. MINIGAME GUIDE: -Heart: Click and hold to match the green heart to the blue heart -Batteries: Click to remove the batteries, and drag the new ones -Sewing: Hover the needle over the tear to stitch it together -Cleaning: Click the mud stains with the sponge
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)

Bradley Roerish- Lead Producer, Gameplay Programmer

Morgan Miller- Art Producer, Concept Artist, Music Compoistion/Performance

Joshua Standridge- Audio Lead

Esai Gomez- Digital Artist, Animator, Voice Actor

Sapphire Rodriguez- Concept Artist, Cinematic Animator, Voice Actor

Joman Angeles- Asset artist, Voice Actor

Cameron Moore- Gameplay Programmer

Randy Rabanal- Gameplay Programmer, Voice Actor

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Point & Click