Listen to the dissonant sounds, they need your help! Control a tiny spirit that senses the location of broken musical instruments and attempts to fix them by listening them play, and hear what is wrong. Unearth the harmony by repairing all the instruments before they die out, unable to stand the dissonance any longer. Gameplay: Get your headphones and a controller, close your eyes, and follow the sounds of broken musical instruments spread throughout the space to find them. Once you reach an instrument, it'll start pouring out it's broken notes to every direction. Choose the correct direction to fix a note. Once you've fixed all notes, the melody will be continous and you can move on to the next instrument that needs your help. Good luck, their own dissonance wears them out and they may become silent forever before you manage to reach and fix them! Controls: Left analogue stick to move around. Tuning powers are X Button for left, B button for right and Y or A Buttons for center. Once you reach an instrument, you have to press the correct direction to tune a broken note in time. Developer's note: it's incomplete and does not have a UI, sorry.. I'll keep working on it though :)
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Remembering Kenji Eno
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Game Design & Development & Graphics (graphic*): K. Tansu Kosansu
Sounds: Baris Yaman 

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