Warning: This game are playable only in Godot. The implementation does not work when I export the game, I'm really sorry for that This game is about a guy that try to repair his mind. In the first part he cannot walk properly, so the main goal its to collect these fragments and obtain all your basic skills, like walk and jump. The gameplay are very short but we tried the best to make this game playable. The keymaps are simple too: Arrow Left or Arrow Right -> Move Arrow Up -> Jump E -> Interact Sorry if the english are too bad, and we hope that you like this. Thank you. PS: DONT TRY TO MOVE THE KEY ABOVE THE DOOR ON THE LAST LEVEL
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Godot Engine

Paulo Roberto (Programmer)

Cristyan Thallano (Artist)

Artur Oliveira (Programmer)

Filipe Cardoso (Programmer)

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