In the dark depths of the abyss, necromancers wage war, vying for dominance in their quest for immortality. Life energy flickers across the battlefield as the necromancers draw upon their enemies and spent magics for vitality. With entropy eating away at the energies of every spell, the necromancers will have to race against time to surpass the competition. Can they fulfill their destiny before they wither themselves away into the void? Deckromancer is a card game for 2- 5 players, where each player’s deck deteriorates continuously. Players cast spells to harm their opponents and stall their own inevitable demise. Everyone is given a copy of the same deck. Each round, players have the option to cast 1 spell, followed by a buying phase to regain lost resources. At the start of a round, if a player can’t draw a full hand of 5 cards, they are eliminated. Alternatively, if a player can achieve immortality by obtaining a Philosopher’s Stone (by having 5 Philosophers Shards), they win.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Print DeckromancerPlayerComponents.pdf for each player.


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Eli Moreland
Tabris Thomas

Eli Moreland

Tabris Thomas

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