Dark Side Of Light

Ready to sh** your pants! A horror game where you need to find damaged light generators and fix(repair) them, Once you fixed 10 generators a hidden gate will be represented by light so you can escape! But wait! there is a killer!! a genie!! If he catches you "your dead", He has traps all over the map so be careful when exploring the farm... . Have you played the survival AAA "Dead by daylight"? well "Dark Side Of Light" is similar to that but its made in 48 hours using Unreal engine C++, (Everything is done by c++), Some models are created during the jam such as the Home building using Maya. Developer note: This game is made by a crappy old laptop with broken display so a monitor with 1:1 aspect ratio is used with each compile time of 1-2 hours but the result was far more than my expectations :) Note: Because it was made for the game jam and you might just want to play test the game without the objective so I kept the light gate open, You can find it and escape at any time, But if you want to have the best game play experience fix the generators before you leave.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
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Third Person