Culinary Carpenter

You are a legend, a master, the best of your trade. You are the Culinary Carpenter. Many come to you with their broken objects, and only you have the solution; nearby household items. Specifically, you have food items. It is your task to fix as many broken objects as possible before the timer runs out! Click your substance of choice for fixing these objects, and then watch as they brilliantly fit the broken area of what you are fixing. Try to fix as many as possible before the timer runs out! Impress everyone around you with your brilliant skills! Have fun and stay savory!
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
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Download the executable file and unzip it. Double click "Culinary Carpenter - GGJ 2020.exe' to launch the game. Make sure to keep all of the unzipped files in the same folder, or the application will not work.


Maddie Cramer - Audio
Jack Badinger III - Programming
James Nix - Programming
Aaron Roberson - Programming
Thomas Bell - Art
Peyton Thomas - Art

Special Thanks to Jeremy Johnson 

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Point & Click