You're so lucky! You've just brought home your new best friend, a corgi pup. Before you get to all the fun snuggling and playing you need to help your little friend adjust to their new environment. Watch and see what your pup likes and dislikes and change the environment to help they fit in. This is a special little pup so be sure to take care of them. How to play: Your pup will explore the room. Tap on objects the don't like to change them and make to pup happy.
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Dead artists society
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
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Substance, Maya, Akeytsu
Installation Instructions: 

Copy the .APK file to your android device and run it.  This game will be install the game.

You may have to click "yes" or "OK" a few times as the android sometimes doesn't like you installing things that aren't taken form the google play store.  The game may also ask for media permission. I Think this is just so it can save data but arent' saving any data.

You will then be able to launch it and take care of your pup.


Patrick Webb

Alex Ferrabetta

Adam Dowley



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