Construction Derby

When the world is ravaged by nuclear fallout, there is only one way to repair destroying something first! Participate in the grand Construction Derby where you destroy your opponent’s cars while simultaneously repairing and improving your own. Be careful, as the hosts of this competition are not privy to fair play, and many brutal traps await those who enter. Keep fighting and be the last one left driving! Achieve glory as you smash your friend's vehicles to bits and add them to your own!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Blender, Audacity, Logic Pro, Ableton Live 10
Installation Instructions: 

Download and run the executable.


Sound Effects Credits

Users on

  • cydon
  • Iwiploppenisse
  • Medartimus
  • demodave
  • Eponn
  • squareal
  • RoganDerrick
  • gilly11
  • InspectorJ
  • JustInvoke
  • Julien Matthey
  • 14FValtrovaT
  • saphe
  • hatchetgirl
  • midimagician

Users on

  • cognito
  • snottyboi
  • [anonymous or uncredited]

Users on

  • Partners in Rhyme

Wilhelm Scream sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Users on Google Poly

  • Poly by Google

Visual Effects Credits

"Simple FX - Cartoon Particles" by Synty Studios

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Third Person