Children's Story

Mexico City, current time. This is the story of an old friendship (or something else) that has been destroyed because of the past actions of our protagonists. We'll see what does he thinks of her and what does she thinks of him. Understanding the way of acting of them, the old friendship could be repaired.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, SDL
Technology Notes: 
This game is developed with FNA, a free distribution of the legendary Microsoft XNA. Thanks to Michael Hicks' tutorials and FNA team that made this possible. Diversifiers used: Protip Here's my Dev Diary
Installation Instructions: 

Just add water (install exe)


I have in this edition many acknowledgments.

Starting with Astucia for organizing everything with his CCD team. Thanks so much for all of the experiences we have in every year. In Churubusco Studios, in CCD (Estela de Luz) and now in Los Pinos. I really appreciate it.

I want also say thanks to Starzy, Draic, Chemasmas, Kiramishima, Aikas the Bard, the Iterandos', Mrs Blackcat, the FitFat fellas and all of the buddies that approach to me for at least saying hello or "Come on, get on your feet and start this game !!!"

Finally I want to thank all of jammers. This is from a gamer to all gamers.


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