A living catastrophe. Literally. Challenge your friend on an unusual tug of war to determine who is the king of the House. As the Boy, you need to repair everything your friend is destroying while he possesses the Cat. If you catch him, you put him gently on his bed and tuck him so much that he can't leave for 2 seconds. Dominate the room and declare your superiority while you try to keep the room "original". As you play with the Boy: - Try to predict your friend's movement and cut his way to send him to his Bed. Use that moment to fix anything you've left behind. - When your friend is going for High-Risk Destructions (Objects that are worth more points but they are more difficult as a compendium), think twice before going for that 10 point repair. As you play with the Cat: - Use the time when your friend's repairing an object to go for High-Risk object, that'll boost your way up on this war. - Use your cat-like agility to hinder your friend while he's made a fool for running after you on the wrong direction. Fur-real The controls are simple as the mind of a cat. I'm kidding, it's actually easy. For the Boy, Up, Down, Left and Right arrows for movement, Space Bar for action. For the Cat, W, A, S and D for the movement, and Q for action. As this is an unusual tug of war, this is an unusual way of scoring too. For each repaired or undamaged object in the room, the Boy gets their respective points. For each destroyed object in the room, the Cat gets their respective points. The room is filled with broken objects and undamaged objects, 50/50. As such, the Boy starts with half of all the points, in other words, if his mother sees the room he's grounded. The poor little Cat that didn't do anything, of course, starts with half of all the points too. To destroy or repair an object, you need to get your skill checked, which means, you need to hit the middle of the skill bar. And as higher is the object value, the slimmer the middle of skill bar gets. You only have 90 seconds to prove your skills, and you cant paws. Are you feline the rush? Will you recognize you fur-midable opponent, or will you have the purr-fect game?
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Unzip the folder, open it, and execute the executable file.


We are thankful to the GGJ Staff, to the local staff here at Técnico-Taguspark, and to the participants here that helped us advance through this incredible experience. And to our team, we would like to thank each other too, for supporting each other even though some of us are from total different areas, such as art, music and sound design, game design, and programming.

  Art - Daniela Machado, Luís Fernandes

  Music and Sound Design - Francisco Maia

  Game Design - the team

  Programming - Diogo Chrystêllo, Diogo Sá, Luís Fernandes, Rodrigo Major

And of course, we would like to thank all of the kittens in the world for making this game possible by giving us the purrfect inspiration.

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