Broken Time(s)

You take control of the Personification of Time. Time has been broken and it is your role to repair it by removing the anachronisms that have appeared throughout the worlds. You will start your journey in the Chamber of Time, and you will have to go through the Clockwork Desert to repair the time. You will have 90 seconds, and not more, to complete each of the two levels. Will you succeed? Controls: - Q to move left - D to move right - E to start destroying an anachronism - Space to jump (you also have a double jump) - When you will try to destroy an anachronism, you will have to use the arrow keys.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


- Arthur Corrette (programming)

- Julien Linder (programming)

- Julien Machado (programming and integration)

- Nicolas Saussol (programming, integration and animation)

Graphic design

- Romain Pitot (level design and graphic feedbacks)

- Coline Marchal (menu design and animation)

- Carla Cardoso (character design and sprites)

- Lilian Subirada (backgrounds, propos, illustrations and interfaces)

- Léa Broisat (environments and anachronisms design)

- Farah Cherif (environments, sprites, and character lining)


- Hugo Atomot (music)


All musics in the games are the properties of the composer.

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Side Scroller