Broken Plumber

An italian ex mushroom user has to work as a reqular plumber to repair himself by repairing broken house hold appliances. He has an opportunity to go back to his old ways and boost up his performance. But, by doing so, he loses tiny bits of himself in the process. Goal: Fix as many appliances as you can by the end of the workday. - Mushrooms boost performance, but player loses "scores" - In mushroom world the player can jump, but there are also enemies. - By hitting an enemy, shroom effect is gone - Shroom effect is lost after fixed amount of time - After workday ends, level ends. Player should have at least X amount of appliances fixed. Controls: R = Repair T = Take a mushroom Arrows = movement, obviously Space = Jump (while on mushrooms)
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Antti Pyykkönen: Programming, Visual effects
Seppo Tarvainen: Programming
Riikka Heikkinen: Graphics

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