The Broken Kingdom of Barterdoom (Working Title)

A dragon arrives to torment The Kingdom of Barterdoom when it is at its weakest. You must work to re-unite the villages to all work together to defend against the dragon. You will attempt to repair the kingdom by granting each village their need.
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
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Just Double click the Application file in this fodler to play.

The Goal is to unify the Kingdom against an invading dragon by satisfying the surrounding villages needs, when you first visit a village you are automatically given 1 army resource.

There are several larger villages that support a mining operation of some kind, you can use these to get extra resources if you need them

As of yet there are no win or fail states, but the intention is to fail if you run out of days, and succeed if you complete every villages task.


Samuel Solomon

Adam Armstrong

Jessie Henriquez

Isaac Kingston

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Point & Click