This Bot of Mine

It's after the battle, and a robot, damaged and barely functioning, attempts to limp its way off the battlefield. Within the robot, a tiny repair robot dashes around, trying to fix things faster than they break down. In this game, you are the tiny repair robot, catching the falling parts and trying to direct them in the right directions. Good luck!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

This game was created by a 5-person team at the Universities of Shady Grove site in Maryland, United States

Design: Mike Hughes and the entire team

Developers: Shawn Metcalf, Justin Park, Elonka Dunin

Art: Charles Gomes and Mike Hughes

Production and additional support: Elonka Dunin


To run the file, download the .zip from the Executable link, extract both the executable and the .dll to the same folder, and run!

WASD or arrows to move, Space to release repair pieces.

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