BodyRepairShip Services

You don't know what this shit is? It is because of the pharmaceutical lobby conspiracy ! Are you sick? Just call the BodyRepairShip Services to shoot viruses in your body. Only few people know about it! We are giving you their phone number before we get arrested by the pharmaceutical lobby! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Phone Number of BodyRepairServices : 555-2368 It is urgent that everyone know about this service to save humanity from viruses! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Who Ya Gona Call ? BodyRepairShip Services ! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Welcome to this inception 2 players - coop game - where you gotta fight viruses. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Player 1 has to fix the BodyRepairShip while Player 2 is shooting viruses from the cockpit. Be careful, not all the cells are bad!!!! If the bodyRepairShip is damaged, the vision in the cockpit is limited! It's not so easy to target anymore. And if Player 2 misses a virus, you loose one fuel unit. So you have 6 fuel units before to die. To fix the BodyRepairShip Player 1 has to do a QTE. But you're thinking, how do we win? It's easy, you just have to manage to save the BodyRepairShip long enough and to kill enough viruses. But beware, if Player 1 shoots at an ally you're wasting time ! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// --- 2 Xbox controls are required ---
Jam year: 
A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity from scratch + Illustrator assets :-)


  • Jimmy Djabali (MisterFail)
  • Charly Jouclard (Kgranv)


  • Laetitia Gosetto (LaetiGo)
  • Sophie Bénard-Linh Quang (SoLinh)
  • Nina Devincent (NiDe)

+ the honorable participation of our young chilean friend - Lucas - for the music



"La vie, la vie, la vie, la vie
La vie, la vie, la vie, la vie

Et voici la vie
La vie, la vie
Le belle vie toute pressée d'éclore ''

#lesvraisreconnaitront #generiquedanslatete #labellevie

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