You play as D.D., waking up alone and confused on the spaceship you work on to find everything destroyed and no crew to be found. However, critical systems are down and the ship is on a collision course with a star! You have to go through the ship and repair core systems to gain access to the control room and save the ship. On top of collecting materials, you must be cautious and watch your oxygen, as all rooms need to have their life support restored individually. The loss of power means that exploring will be difficult due to the darkness, which can also be fixed room by room. The main gameplay revolves around exploring the ship and repairing rooms as you need them. The three core rooms of Power, Air Filtration, and Engines must be repaired in order to complete the game. Restoring Power fixes all of the lights in the ship, and restoring Air Filtration fixes all of the oxygen supply throughout the ship.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Game Designers

Liam Ringwood

Lee Russo

Daniel Zale

Art and Effects Team

Nathan Szpiro

Preston DeMarco

Programming Team

Matthew Hanright

Daniel Zale

Christopher Ravosa

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Art Made With PIXILART

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