The Assembler

Move with AZERTY or QWERTY , space for jump , "R" for retry and "ESC" to quit the game. Game scenario: you start the game by playing a character who is a worker in a factory on a production line, he repairs a particular object several times before a trigger happens and the "real" level starts in a dream of the character. The level is a platform level (2D) that fits in the whole screen (no scrolling) where the character you play is the same as in the interactive kinematics before. The goal of the level is to repair elements of the map to reach the objective (related to the object of the interactive kinematics before) which is at the other end of the screen. We won't have a limited number of repairs, and the level will have a time limit (20 seconds?). So it's going to be a mix of fast execution and thinking, to be able to reach the end of the level in time. At the end of the level, there is again an interactive kinematics where you have to repair a new object, which will be linked to the objective of the next level. The levels are getting harder and harder, but the objective remains the same (reach the objective in less than 20 seconds). The character we play will be armed with a repairing laser cannon, so we can repair the elements remotely. The repaired elements will interact with the map and the player. Some elements will have a negative impact on the player when they are repaired, so avoid them.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Quentin Gruber - developper, Maxime Bier - developper and Émilien Fuchs - designer (

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