ARGR-20: A robot gone rogue

ARGR; A robot gone rogue. As the special year 2020 has arrived, ARGR-20 decided to escape from the factory of Elan Tusk, and try to get his hands on Cyberpunk2077 -He didn't know it was delayed-, but as he was making his escape, a bunch of old Metal Gear MK.II fell on him. It damaged nearly all his parts, and now he wants to escape as he wants to try Death Stranding when it releases on PC in summer. Luckily, he was escaping from an Elan Tusk's factory, which had many robot parts. ARGR is a 2D platformer where you play as a damaged robot whose codename is ARGR-20. In order to win, you need to make the most out of the Repairing station and decide which parts of the robot you need the most. Also, you have to make sure not to damage the parts you fixed, or you will have to repair it again.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
-Gravit Designer
Installation Instructions: 

Just extract and play from the release folder. Please use aspect ratio 16:9  

preferably played from the browser link (updated version)    Link below


-Omar Hadhoud

-Omar Fasseh

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