Arena Of Phrixus

800 years ago, a deadly virus called Phrixus resurfaced and attacked millions of people. The virus main target was their genes, it changed their appearances 180 degrees to the extent of being imposters. The virus also manipulates their mindset to believe that they are the true humans and others are just imposters (who haven't been hit by phrixus) are the imps and should be rescued by altering their genetics. Meanwhile, the unaffected humans have a heavy burden on their shoulders to fight the virus and save the affected people. Right now, Planet Earth has become a brutal battle arena between true humans and imposters. Arena Of Phrixus is an online MMORPG game, a peer-to-peer connection with a steam pipeline. We intend to expand the game more and more and add more characters in each gene and compete with the famous AAA games and studios.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Game Tags: 
Third Person