This is a first person zombie shooter game. basically player have to repair & restore the humanity. This is 2050, Because of the huge laboratory explosion, In New York city people got infected by virus. It was spread whole America. After that China, Australia,Japan, India. It was spread through the whole world. There is no any cure for that H10 virus. Virus directly attacked to the genes in the cells of human body and genetically changed the cells' structure. Genetic change is start from the heart tissue cells and brain tissue cells. Because of that, human loss their humanity. When that people infected by virus they show some abnormal behaviors like zombies. After that scientists revealed that when people infected by HI0 virus they will become zombies.That zombies they kill other people and they eat their warm heart. When attacked by zombies, human become zombies. In New York city "Luzier " Laboratory they investigate antivirus for that HIO virus from the help of FBI they send a military soldier for that zombie mission. soldier must have medicated gun with antivirus. If soldier correctly shoot to the zombie from that medicated gun then the zombie turn into human. The soldier must aim to the zombies heart directly. That mission was successfully done by soldier and zombies turn into human. Then again the humanity rise through whole world.
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Is there anybody out there?
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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