2019-nCoV Stole My DNA!

Oh no! Bob had an unfortunate plate of infected bat sashimi. The deadly 2019-nCoV has infected one of Bob’s lung cells, and you must repair his cell’s DNA by maneuvering a nanobot before the coronavirus can infect and kill Bob’s other cells. 2019-nCoV Stole my DNA is a top-down 2D game set in a cell and spawns the player as a subcellular-level nanobot in the nucleus. As the player progresses through the organelles leading up to the boss fight located in the Golgi Apparatus, the player must kill smaller viruses along the way. There are two strains of small viruses: a melee attack strain that can move and a shooting attack strain that is stuck to walls. After defeating the coronavirus final boss, the player must retrieve bits of Bob’s DNA and return to the nucleus to repair and save Bob’s cell.
Jam year: 
iPhone, iPad
Technology Notes: 
Xcode & SpriteKit

Anthony: made music

Eugene: made sound effects

Federico: made storyline and map design

Leo: wrote code

Ashley: Drew artworks


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