Stord Game Jam

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If you want to create a game, this is the jam to join!

During the weekend we will create a game from scratch (based on the given theme) and thousands of people around the world will do the same.

We will supply WiFi, power and a place to sit, so bring your own hardware.

Entrance Fee: 
0900 - 0130
Who Can Participate: 
Age Restrictions: 
18+ only
Food Options: 
Nothing available in the area. Participants must arrange their own food and drink.
Maximum Capacity: 

Recently Uploaded Games

Meet Joe, he works in an office. Joe feels like he works in a dungeon, and more like slaving than working. Joe really wants to go home, where he can relax and have fun with his family.
In this game, you play an old man trying to keep the menacing winter breeze at bay. Keep the windows closed and the fire stoked, or you will freeze to death! WASD movement, E to interact Wind

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