Global Game Jam Wellington 2019

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Welcome to Global Game Jam 2019!!

Join us for 48 hours of game making fun!  This is our fourth Global Game Jam(!!), and once again we're being hosted Yoobee School of Design. 

Friday, Jan 25:
5:30 – Doors open
6:30 – Keynote and theme reveal
7:00 – Pizza

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Please complete this form as it needs to be completely filled out before you can jam with us.

Visit our website as it's filled with useful details, a schedule of events (coming soon), and helpful links to get you ready for the jam.

For more details, have a gander at:
Twitter: (#ggjwelly19)
Info (Navi) - [email protected]

This year, we'll also have a Discord to help keep everyone up to date and send out annoucements before and during the Jam. The link will be sent to you after you've

Can't wait to see you!

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18+ only

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