GamePlay Space

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Entrance Fee: 
Open for entire 48 hours
Who Can Participate: 
Only GPS members
Age Restrictions: 
18+ only
Food Options: 
Access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity.

Recently Uploaded Games

One of the best things about coming home at the end of a long day is when the WiFi connects automatically and you can decompress by surfing the web, chatting, and playing games. Make your way home
Geomies is a solo puzzle game where the Player needs to coordinate families to find their right home before the time limit hits 0.
This site has gender neutral toilets
This site has showers available
This site has free coffee
This site recycles
This site has easily accessible public transport
This is a non smoking site
This site has a microwave
This site has refrigerator space
This site welcomes jammers creating boardgames
This site welcomes jammers creating hardware games/alternative controllers