Willy and Bonnie - A Journey Home

Bonnie, Gepetto's latest handiwork is lost in the Unreal forest. Together with the help of WIlly, the friendly Will o' the Wisp, they must journey to find the burrow out of the forest and home to Gepetto. Game mechanics: A combination sidescroller (PC) and first person (VR) game, two players must navigate the dark forest together. WIlly (VR - Oculus Go), must light the path and Bonnie (PC) must navigate the treachorous path out of the forest. The game can only be won with both an Oculus Go player and PC player playing coperatively in a LAN environment.
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Power of Community (Sponsored by Mixer)
Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows, Linux / Unix, Android device, Virtual Reality platform
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Unreal Engine, Virtual reality head mount display (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.)
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Blender Substance Photoshop
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1. Windows Part of the Game: Unzip the archive labeled Windows and run the exe file, this will start the sidescroller and host a LAN game wiating for the Oculus Go player

2. Oculus Go part of the Game: Unzip the archive labeled OculusGo/Android - runs the install batch script to sideload to your Oculus Go. Your Go must be setup for Developer Mode.

1.The PC acts as host so must be run before running the Oculus Go version.

1. Sidescroller uses WASD and space for jumpng

2. For VR, pressing the trigger on the Oculus Go controller once will move the VR Player forward, but wont stop so you must time your movements and cooperate with the PC player by talking to each other A LOT.
3. Pumping the GO trigger will cause the VR Player to move faster and faster.

4. Leaves on the sidescroller will cause the player to fall through the water but does not kill them (unintended benefit of making it easier)

5. This version has a bug where moving hte controller up and down repeatedly will cause the VR palyer to fly Down and not UP, so you have limited time in the game - if you fly off or fall down too deep, restart the app and it will rejoin the game automatically.

6. Another issue is an unintended collision on the last submission for the VR Player, some objects in the scene may cause the VR Player to fly or bounce off unexpectedly :P Should be rare, but be aware it can occur :P


All assets and code were painstakingly made from scratch during the 48 hour period except for the Sidescroller Template with the Mannequin, anims and a repurposed glass shader that came with the Engine.

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