WILD RUN. {Just Get Home Boy.} Wild Run is about a boy trapped in the wilderness trying to get home from a game hunt in the jungle. The boy has to get home quick before nightfall to deliver food and water to the community. His path is covered by lots of obstacles; wild animals that are dangerously ruthless to anything walking on two legs, fallen trees, thickets, bushes, huge rock boulders, animal traps, and hedges. The boy has to find the smartest and quickest way to avoid these dangers and get home safely with his deliverables.
Jam year: 
Sticky Finger
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Android device
Technology Notes: 
Actionscript3.0 , helped with starling libraries ,Intellij IDEA -(ide used) , MOHO(animation),traditional pencil sketches-digitization of assets .


Malik Ibrahim                     Jack Birgan                        Calvin Lichungu

Edward Muturi                    Christian Otieno