White Dwarf

Humanity reached the last instant of the universe, and took refuge in a space station around a White dwarf star. Finding a way for humanity to continue its existence requires found a way to go back in time and to continue life in the universe again. With this, robots were built specialized in the construction of a temporal portal while the rest of humanity was frozen in order to be preserved due to the radiation emitted by the star that became unbearable by the protective shields of the station. In the passing of the years the robots that were building the temporal portal but were infected by an anomaly and began to disconnect one by one remaining only to put the power source in the portal to put it to work. In the last minutes of the Universe, as the star goes out and the universe becomes dominated by black holes turning the universe into perpetual darkness. The player takes control of a worker robot that gained consciousness after being turned off. After visualizing the great deeds of humanity and realizing what is happening. The goal becomes clear, collect all 4 Keys to have access to the White Dwarf Energy Component and save humanity or not!
Jam year: 
Mind over matter
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Blender, Substance painter, Adobe Illustrator , Photoshop

Carolina Angelino - Game designer and concept artist

Henrique Candeias - Programmer, sound designer and storytelling

Sandro Gonçalves - 3D and lighting artist

Game Stills: