We Are Family

ENGLISH INFO: In this game, you have a family, but they're lost! It's your duty to find them before you feel too much lonely to go on. Instructions W-A-S-D to move Mouse to interact -------- INFO EN ESPAÑOL: En este juego, tienes una familia, ¡pero se ha perdido!. Tienes que buscarla, y hacerlo antes de que la soledad te impida continuar. Instrucciones W-A-S-D para moverse Click para interactuar
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Art: Ana Guillén, Iris Escrivá & Manuel Guillén

Game design: All the team

Music & Sound Design: Adrián Coll de Souza

Programming: Dani Vidal, Christian Talavera, Raül Cerveró

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