A Way Home

A Way Home is about finding your way to where you belong while visiting old memories to build your path to this place. The game is a relaxed and introspective walking simulator where the player finds himself trying to discover who he is and where he should go to.
Jam year: 
Keep it simple
MS Windows, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Using Unity as main tool All models from Google Poly Sounds and musics made with Garage Band in the iPad.
Installation Instructions: 

Unpack and Play

Joystick or ASDW to control. Find all memories, trigger the final memory, advance, repeat. 


Cleverton Zili

Game Design
Cleverton Zili
Rafael L Lagos

Cleverton Zili 
Rafael L Lagos

Rafael L Lagos

Google Poly Credits - 3D Assets
Treasure Map, cabin in the woods, candle, top hat, bottle, glass, bench
Jarlan Perez - https://poly.google.com/user/4lZfAdz3x3X

scroll, Desk, rose, tree, star, airplane, snake, roses 
Google - https://poly.google.com/user/4aEd8rQgKu2

Light Pole
Arnd Mnd - https://poly.google.com/user/5unVPv5uGRx

Rachael Hosein - https://poly.google.com/user/9tNrFyMrZHh

The Little Prince Qlone
Ronen Horovitz - https://poly.google.com/user/0ufeUD0_PwI

Rose in bell jar
Alice - https://poly.google.com/user/bLBu840wZGK

Miguelangelo Rosario - https://poly.google.com/user/aeLnKHj7ECJ

Game Stills: 
Source files: