Warcraft Immortal

Home to me means all the video game universes I spend so much of my time delving into. The most prominent, perhaps, is that of Warcraft - it has a special place in my heart. Recently it has been on the decline, however, so my "home" is really not in a good spot. I made a game where you play as one of the protagonists of Warcraft, fighting off waves of enemies that are meant to symbolize the money-hungry decision-makers that seek to destroy the World of Warcraft. The character is trapped in an arena from which there is no escape, and is doomed to perish eventually. The game is made for mobile - you all have phones, don't you? - with gameplay resembling that of the isometric action-RPG, Diablo. Disclaimer: Some of the assets used in this project are intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment, and have been used non-commercially for educational purposes as permitted by the legal FAQ.
Jam year: 
Android device, Generic mobile platform
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
- Mixamo web tools (for rigging and animation)