Turtle is home

Make the most of living on the back of a friendly giant turtle, collecting food supplies for your small community and crafting gifts to give to your friends. Left click to interact.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Aushton Kelusky (Beanie) - Design, Scripting, 3D Modelling

Adam Gill (Hat!, Blocks Hat) - Design, Scripting, Shaders

Reece Themen (Penguin Hood) - Design, 3D Modelling, Level Design

Jessica Zhang (Fish Hat) - Design, 2D Art, Level Design, Hat Provision


MinionsArt - Shader reference, caustic projection shader

KevinMacleod - Music ("Farm", "Manor")

stomachache (Freesound) - "EndlessOcean-VeniceBeach-Loop.wav"

Fantasy Skybox - Skybox

Game Stills: