Toilet Fighter 2 Turbo Edition

"Home is the place where you wake up every morning and you know that you will have to fight to the death for the conquest of the bathroom, till the last drop of shit!" Is a local multiplayer 1vs1 game where 2 siblings have to challenges, with shots of "spanks with a slipper", jumps and run, to conquest the bathroom. To achieve the goal, avoiding to shit himself, you need to catch the bathroom key that obviously is closed. The key can be found in any other room of the house. Good shit!!
Jam year: 
Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)

Game Designers:



Matteo Vilardo

Matteo Chiari

Roberto Cacciamani

Mauro Ferrante

Graphic and Animation Artists:

Shetty Kshitij Narayana

Luca Martelli

Giovanni Capoccia

Level Designer:

Giovanni Capoccia

Sound Designer:

Augusto Pace

Git Destroyer:

Matteo Vilardo

Growth Hacker:

Augusto Pace



Game Stills: 
Source files: