Taste like Home

Hoping to bring a taste of home for everyone in this multi-cultural environment, “Taste like Home” is a game that recreates international dishes by letting the player collecting different ingredients. After the welcome screen, the player chooses the dish he/she wants to cook. Within a time limit of 1 minute, the player has to quickly tap on the ingredients required for the dish to collect it into the ingredient pool. After gathering enough ingredients, the player “cooked” the dish of choice. If the player failed to collect the ingredients within the time limit, a retry option will be available. By completing more and more recipes, the player can unlock other international dishes to play. Since all the ingredients and proportions used for each dish were coming from the actual recipes, the game also serves as an introduction to different cuisines and ingredients around the world. Enjoy the dish, Gourmets!
Jam year: 
Generic mobile platform
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Used Photoshop and FireAlpaca for design.

Artists:                Yilin Wang

                              Kel Zhu

Programmer:      Hassan Mallahzadeh


Game Stills: 
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