Syngenes (“parents” in greek ) is a game that talks about a genderless child that receive mistreatments by their own parents. Escape from a place where you’ve been hurted through puzzles and platforms to find a better home instead of the house that fate gave you. MECHANICS : to escape you have to jump on platforms, solve puzzles pushing boxes, avoid your horrible parents distracting them making noises. WARNING! Stay close to your parents and your movements will be reduced. CONTROLS : movements (directional keys), jump (space bar).
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
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Unzip the zip file, and run the exe file.


Andrea Agostini

Bernardo Aiazzi

Flavio Calastri

Matteo Carboncini

Tommaso Cattani

Taigoro Cortez

Vittorio Montelatici

Luca Palermo

Giacomo Roverani

Mario Amato Salines

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