Stressday Party

A young buck wanting to enjoy his birthday presents must appease the expectations of his loving family by completing small tasks for them. If he doesn't, they have vowed to take away his precious gifts. When we think of home, we get a little anxious. Appeasing our family members usually causes a lot of stress in these infrequent visits. We wanted to capture a piece of that with our game Stressday Party.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Using Aesprite for level and character art, Photoshop for concept design, and Unity to throw it all together.
Installation Instructions: 


Right click and press extract all

if there is no extract all download 7zip or another program that can exstract files


Trevor Moris - Concept artist, sound designer, playtester, story script

Leila Watson - Character and interaction programmer 

Warren "Stephen" Rose II - Object and UI programmer

Jacob Davenport - Artist, animator


Party Music: miastodzwiekow 1309201_gronow_regearsal.mp3

Grab: ihitokage Grab1

Fridge Opening/Closing: LocalTalkRadio FridgeOpen.mp3

Gameover Scream: LG Kid scream Audioversum Innsbruck 02.wav



Source files: