Sounds Like Home

In this game, you pick your favorite sound from a list of 4, and you have to navigate a maze, or trial, using that sound as your guide to reach the exit.
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Thomas Wasn't Alone
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
This game uses Unreal version 4.18.3, and Wwise integration version 2017.2.9.6726.
Installation Instructions: 

For the executable (There is no audio in the executable, and it is an audio game). Simply download the zip file, unzip it and launch the executable file.


for the project file, install Unreal 4.18.3, and Wwise 2017.2.9.6726. Unzip the project file, open Unreal, and search for the "SoundMaze" project.


Game completely designed and assembled by Timothy Adan. 


A special thanks to my friends Brian, Pat, Creath, and John for their words of encouragement, advice, and inspiration.

Source files: