Our project is a mobile and a desktop application. The purpose is to size up its shield zone by collecting differents kind of ressources and taking them into the shield zone. The player has only 3 lives, and he is protected when in the zone, but the zone decreases gradually. If an asteroid hits the player when outside of the zone, the player loses a life. If the shield's size is to small : game over If the player has lost his 3 lives : game over.
Jam year: 
Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Corona SDK
Installation Instructions: 


Our app is currently not released to Google Play Store, so if you want to play it on an Android device, you must download ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and plug your phone on your laptop.

Once this is done, open a command shell on Windows and run this command : adb install -r Shielded.apk

The Shielded.apk file is located in our source code.

A prompt will appear on your phone asking for debug authorization, click yes.

And that's it, you can unplug your device and play the game!


Unzip the "" directory.

Then, simply launch the "Shielded.exe" binary and play the game !


This games has been developped by Matthew Livoti, Lou Canadell, Benjamin Gracia, Hugo Nakache and Ilyas Amode.

We thanks Corona2d  team for their amazing work in providing us with such a good SDK.

Source files: