Shenanigans Ensue

Welcome to Shenanigans Ensue, Whelp, the adventurer is off again. Off on another perilous journey, leaving behind his comfortable home, servants, and loved ones to risk life and limb to save the world from the greatest terrors the universe has to offer. This is not his story. While the adventurer is away, the household will play, as they say. Or, in this case, get pillaged. With the adventurer gone, there is no one to defend his home from the lesser perils that travel the world. While a majority of the household is in town, the remnants have to defend both the domicile and their very lives. The only way a group of such incompetents can manage this is through cunning, traps, and outright shenanigans. The stockpile of unlabeled magic items may help too. Apply your very niche and open-ended skills into situations they were never meant to be applied to! Have fun, and may shenanigans ensue! A game rated for children who are old enough to play it, have fun enjoying the utter chaos of Shenanigans Ensue, a product of lots of fake energy and Global Game Jam 2019.
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