Play as a lost sheep trying to find their way back to their herd after an accident, separated them. Using wit and stealth navigate this strange place and find your way home. Controls: Movement = W,A,S,D or Up, Down, Left and Right Arrows. Sprint = Shift. Hiding = E. Crouching = Left Crtl / C. Reset Crate Locations (if stuck) = R Mechanics: Crates - can be placed on blue zones to open a path through the vines Small TNT crate - if large piranha plant eats it will die, then the player can pass over its body. Wolves - can see in an area in front of them font get found, hide behind objects or press the hide key so you wont be noticed.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Extract the file from and then run the Sheepish.exe file to play.


Team: Daniel Almond, Nathan Blyth, Lewis Dawson, Dominic Hutchinson, Juilia Pardo, BiNaan Wohlrab


Insect Background Sounds briefly used from:

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