Save Home

An Unknown life form from space is consuming all the resources in the planet where the brothers Blue and Red live. Both brothers have to go all around the five regions of the planet looking for the Gaia's Crystals in order to restore the order in the planet and erradicate all Alien life-forms that are threatening their HOME. In this puzzle-platform like game you need to control the Blue and Red brother AT A SAME TIME. You can control both brother at all time (even if one of the characters is out of the camera vision), so you need to plan very well every movement and collect all the Gaia's Crystals. Controls: You can use a Keyboard or a Gamepad, the controls are: Keyboard: Blue Character: Jump / Climb Stairs: W Walk Rigth: D Walk Left: A Down Stairs: S Push boxes: E Red Character: Jump / Climb Stairs: Up Arrow Walk Rigth: Rigth Arrow Walk Left: Left Arrow Down Stairs: Down Arrow Push boxes: Rigth Ctrl Chance camera between Characters: C Pause: P Controller: Blue Character: Jump / Climb Stairs: Left Analog Up Walk Rigth: Left Analog Rigth Walk Left: Left Analog Left Down Stairs: Left Analog Down Push boxes: LT Red Character: Jump / Climb Stairs: Rigth Analog Up Walk Rigth: Rigth Analog Rigth Walk Left: Rigth Analog Left Down Stairs: Rigth Analog Down Push boxes: RT Chance camera between Characters: X Pause: Start
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Just run the game and enjoy it!



Jeffry Artavia Murillo

Diego Fernandez Sanchez

Andres Vargas Cubero

Jose Armando Vasquez Quesada

Graphics and Art:

Jeffry Berrocal Sanchez


Pablo Hidalgo Acuna

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