Safety Hat

You need a home. Homes are safe and make you feel sane. More homes are better than one. Gather resources, make hats, tend to your fire. Watch out for Hatlifter Goblins, if your fire goes out in a home, your hat is at risk of being stolen! Arrow keys to move, Z to drop hat into a house to claim that as a home, X to make another hat (if you have enough felt) and C to feed the fire with firewood (if you have enough firewood) Unfortunately due to illness I was only able to work with this for about 16 hours, and thus the win condition, hunger management and hat stealing, as well as some graphics and all audio went on to not get implemented. Might finish later. A good excuse to learn Godot 3 though :3
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MS Windows
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Godot Engine

Jani Kärkkäinen made this "game"

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