To us, home is simply a place for ordinary life with a messy twist. Roundnimal: A roundnimal is an animal that is round. They roll very well due to their stature. Roll: Tilt your phone to roll your roundnimal around! Try not make a mess of the house! Hungry and Dirty: Your roundnimal needs care and love. Roll him/her to where he needs to be! S/he really needs to pee, get him/her to a toilet right now! Background: We are gamers who love to play simulation games like the Sims, but we want to have a more focused experience. So, our game involves only one controllable character. We hope that this gives a stronger personal connection to the player. We also like simple fun mechanics and we think a rolling round animal is pretty much up there. So, we merge our two goals together. The final product could be summarize as Sims meets Monkey Ball, the player dont just tell the character to do something, s/he need to put the effort to get him/her there.
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Android device, iPhone
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Unity (any product)
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Only an Andriod excutable apk is provided. IOS version could be created with the source code.

For the Andriod version, simply install the game app with the apk.

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