Ride Home

"As long as I have my bike, I'll always feel like I'm home." Ride Home is a game where you follow Andy, a 55-year-old who left everything behind for a life on the road. But as he completes his journey through the State of Arizona on the mythical Route 66, he questions himself whether this lonely road actually leads to his one true home.
Jam year: 
Keep it simple
Mind over matter
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

1.Unzip ''Ride_Home_ShiveringSurgeon'' file. 2. Open the release folder. 3.Unzip '' Ridehome_build_004''. 4. Open ''Ride_Home.exe'' 5. Press ''Play'' and enjoy.

WARNING! It might take a while to load. 

Controls: If you have an Xbox controller, left joystick is to go up and down. X and B buttons to select options. Right and left triggers to speed up or slow down. 

Mouse and keyboard: arrows to move up and down. Left click and mouse wheel to select options.


Manu Boucher - Sound Designer

Chloe Gervais - Art, Narrative and Level Design

Étienne Gonthier - Programmer and Game Design

Patrick Paquin - Support Artist and Animator

Alexandre Poirier - Narrative and Level Design

Youssef Jazmati - Concept Artist


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