Rational Treasure

Your team has been hired to break into the White House, collect evidence, retrieve stolen treasure and escape before the President of the United States (or his guards) catch you! This is a tabletop cooperative board game for 2-4 players. Players take turns rolling the dice to move throughout the White House in order to find evidence hidden in rooms. Players can also pick up special items to assist, including a magic hat, a magic ring, an invisibility cloak and a magic leaf. After the players' turn, WATCH OUT! It's now time for the President to move. Roll a 6 and the President moves to the Oval Office. Roll a 3-5 and the President moves to the TV room. Roll a 1 or 2 and the President moves to the bathroom for a Tweet session! GOALS * Collect the evidence * Steal back the treasure * Avoid the President and his guards * Escape before your team is caught!
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