Psycho Mothers -サイコマザー-

-人類みんな「家族」-  All of us humanity "family". 「Psycho Mothers」とは? ・プレイヤーは「おかあさん」です ・Windows PC、MultiPlay(4Play) GamePadでプレイできます。 ・時間内に自分の家に、たくさんの「こども」を連れ帰りましょう。 ・他の「おかあさん」に「こども」を連れて行かれないように、アイテムを使ってジャマをしましょう What is Psycho Mothers · The player is "mother" · You can play with Windows PC, MultiPlay (4 Play) GamePad. · Let's take a lot of "kids" back to their homes in time. · Let's play items using items so that "children" will not be taken to other "mother" • Rule: 公園に現れた子供を自分の家に連れ帰る Bring the child who appeared in the park home 子供を多く連れ帰ったプレイヤーの勝ち Player who brought back many children won
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Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Userd Unity. Thank's Unity Technologies! Userd Unity Assets ・UniRX ・Zenject
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Unty Ver:Unity 2018.3.2f


PsycthoMothers_Resources.unitypackage is double click.



Please import the following Unity assets.



・Font:mojimo startkit 



・Jessie [Team Leader&Project Manager]
・Torisoup [Main Programmer]
・Suzuki [Programmer]
・Yuki Ogino[Programmer&Presenter&Communicator]

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