Play as a parasite in its new home and position your feeding tubes in order to defend yourself from antibodies that threaten your survival in your new home. Use your finger to drag the feeding tubes of your central parasite in order to catch attacking antibodies, make sure the antibodies do not make it to the body of your parasite. Build the highest score that you can!
Jam year: 
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
3DS Max, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity, Adobe Premier Pro
Installation Instructions: 

Download the APK onto your Android phone and play!


Michael Curtis - Design
Ross Warren - Design and UI
Jonny Crabb - 3D Modelling
Toby White - Design and 3D Modelling
Ollie Brock - Textures and 2D Art
Alex Polley - Design and UI
Petrut Vasile - Programming
Elie Abraham - Music

Source files: