Project Leviathan (Subject to Change)

A 3D Platformer concept that includes ideas from past games in the genre. Was my first real attempt at a Unity 3D project and am pleased on how it turned out. Check the Readme out for controls. Works best with PlayStation 4 Controller
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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Works best with PS4 Controller
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Read Me


My Name is Charles Rhoades and this is my first game jam. What I have created is a prototype of a 3D platformer that I hope to further develop. The main theme of this Jam was “What Home Means to You” and I think this project answers that in several ways. While it is a single level game for the moment, this idea has been in my head ever since my high school career. Because of this, it is sort of nostalgic to return to past Ideas and finally put pen to paper how I wanted this game to look. 3D platforms has always been a huge part of my life (Especially in my youth) and as such reminded me of my upbringing and where I hope to be going after my college education comes to an end.


Here are the controls:

WASD/Arrow Keys - Move Around

Space - Jump

Left Shift - Reset Level

Left Alt - Exit Game


PlayStation 4 Controls:

Left Stick - Move Around

X - Jump

O - Reset Level

Touch Pad - Exit Game


(You can spam the Jump button to get infinite air, this was for debug purposes however you are free to use it to your heart’s content)


Have Fun! Check out the more completed version at the 2019 MAGD Expo in Whitewater in May


Created by Charles Rhoades Jr.

Created with Unity 2018

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